On retreat last month during one of the talks, someone asked “how do we deal with what is going on in this world”? My teacher’s response in short was to come to enlightenment. It’s a simple yet profound statement and know truer words have been spoken.

Once we wake up and face ourselves we can see through the illusion of life. We are no longer sucked into the drama of the game of life. It doesn’t mean we do not feel or express ourselves, it means we show up fully in the moment and face our challenges with integrity, honestly and with heart.

We need to be able to talk about what is going on freely. If you read any of my blogs you will see that our freedom to express ourselves is being challenged. One artist has found a way to depict our current circumstances quite profoundly.

Sometimes we don’t need to speak. We need to use our creative gifts to serve a greater purpose. And sometimes they are the most clever, intense and heartfelt methods to do so.

I invite you to watch Lubomir Arsov’s IN-SHADOW – A Modern Odyssey. It’s a 13 minute short film. If you are to spend time online, enlighten yourself to the reality of our existence. I also encourage you to watch his interview with Rebel Wisdom. It is equally provocative and deep.

His interview with Rebel Wisdom (this is a cool channel as well).

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