All lives matter. Period. This isn’t about who has been suppressed or oppressed longer, this isn’t about who has suffered the most. This is about human suffering in general. The more we create labels, and categories we create separation, division and more racism, more suffering. This is NOT a race problem. This is a human problem. Pointing the finger at anyone is not the answer. It’s blame and shame and creates more needless suffering.

This is a spiritual war. This is about waking up, growing up and acting with maturity and wisdom and taking responsibility for our actions. This is about holding one another accountable. This is the dark verse the light. This is hate verse love. Which side will you choose? Darkness was born of love and will eventually turn to love. Why not make it easier on our selves and choose love?

This is a time of great change. We need everyone working together not just to stand up and reclaim our freedom, we need people to change the broken systems. We CANNOT go back to the way things were. Why would we want to when it clearly wasn’t working?

Again, Gandhi’s words still ring true…”Be the change you want to see in the world.” It starts with you. Only you have the power to shift things. If we all do this, imagine what could happen!

It will take a lot longer than we think though. But what else is there worth doing?

Meaning and purpose in life can only be had by showing up fully in your life and actively participating in what we are genuinely being guided to do.

It’s time to show up, wake up and allow God to show us the way. Humans are to ignorant to figure this out. We were born of mystery and divinity and we need to allow That back into our lives. It’s not science verse spirituality. It’s both.

We are of matter and spirit. Cutting off one creates imbalance, suffering and chaos. Just look at the world in it’s current state.

The time is NOW.

Blessings to you all,

Rev. Jenn

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