Hi Friends,

It has been almost a month since I have posted anything.  As some of you know, last month I posted a video to YouTube with the title “The Truth is an Internal Job”.  YouTube decided it was harmful content and removed it.  I appealed their decision and that appeal was denied.

Dear The Way of the Heart Ministry,Thank you for submitting your video appeal to YouTube. After further review, we’ve determined that your video is in violation of our Community Guidelines.For more information please visit the YouTube Help Center.We apologize for the delay. Due to the recent global health crisis related to COVID-19, a number of our normal review processes have been disrupted and are experiencing delays. To stay up to date on any changes in our services—and our broader response to COVID-19—please check the Help Center.Sincerely, 
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Not only was it denied, they have severely restricted me from using YouTube if I am logged into my account.  I can watch stuff if I’m not logged in and when I do log in, this is what happens every time not matter what search engine I use (Chrome, Safari, Explorer…). Even after clearing my cache, cookies and history, I still am unable to see anything if I am logged in. It doesn’t matter what device I use either.

I can do a search through the search engines and if a YouTube link appears I can click on it and watch it. However, nothing else appears aside from the video. No recommendations, comments, absolutely nothing.

If I had any doubts that mainstream media and whoever is running the show is manipulating and controlling information, I have no doubts now.  It’s strange, that there are conspiracy theorists who are calling people and organizations out by name, stating the atrocities they are up to, including YouTube and they still able to access and post on YouTube.

Well, if you can’t scare people into submission you need to create a divide and have them fight one another.  Meaning these conspiracy theorists who are calling these people out are in fact the other side of the same coin.  There are many who are being paid by the people they are calling out to create division among the people.  This world is one of manipulation, deceit and lies.

And it is also a world of great love, compassion and understanding.

We need this revolution to happen so we can end suppression and oppression of all sentient beings.

Where does that leave me?

I choose Love, sometimes tough love. I choose peace. I choose compassion and forgiveness.

I have had to really step back from all the drama.  I live and work in it everyday with very little breaks from it.   I do not have capacity in my being to engage in it one way or another at this time or any time. If people want to play in the Matrix sand box and build castles made of sand and think them to be real, that is their choice. I will step outside and watch them play. It is nothing but a game.

 So, like many people I too am in limbo.  However, I am quite comfortable sitting in the unknown.  God only knows what is to come.

I spend my days connecting with clients and those I care about when I can and I spend the rest of my day out in nature, playing and praying.  I am unable to watch or listen to anything about anything, especially this plandemic.  I am over saturated with bullshit and illusions.

As someone who feels everything, the energy of what is happening on this little blue ball of ours is quite palpable.  I feel the anger, I feel the confusion, I feel the desperation and disillusionment.   Instead of participating in all the drama, I remain present to it.  I look at it from the outside and instead of complaining about it I do what I can to help steer this ship in a positive way.  I meet it with as much love and compassion as I can.  Do I get frustrated and tired.  Yep!  Surrender is my serenity.

Again all I have to do is continue to show up an work with what is right in front of me with an understanding that God, Source, Spirit is also participating in the co-creation of this play.

It does require complete emotional honesty though and I feel that is where people are getting tripped up.

People want to control and manipulate, they do not want to surrender.  They do not want to invite God into their world because they do not trust that God is there, in fact most people do not trust themselves let alone God, therefore trusting anyone or experience becomes a ball of confusion.

We are living in a Godless world right now.  In the age of industrialism, capitalism, science, and technology we have lost the sacred.  We have lost touch with our hearts and faith.  We have lost connection to God, which, has patiently been waiting for us to return.  We have free will.  It’s this free will that has got us into trouble.  Our egos have run amuck, thinking it knows what’s what and who needs God anyway. Our ego’s take over our spiritual process and we then tend to spiritually by-pass the very thing that will set us free. That is our pain.

The only way we are going to fix the planet is to reconnect with the Great Heart Intelligence that is God, Source or whatever you want to call the Higher Power.  It will only be through grace that we are saved.  People are to stupid to figure it out.  We are to steeped in our own egos to allow the Truth to permeate us.

As Ram Das said “The Great Way is easy for those without preferences”.

When we let go of our preferences, when we let go of whom we “think” we “should” be, when we let go of trying to seek approval or please others, we then become who we really are.  We tap into the magic of life.

When that happens suffering falls away.  We are no longer bound to our conditioning.  We are no longer bound to those that would control or manipulate us.  We become free and life effortless as the next step is always shown to you when it’s time.

Like many of you I’m am finding my way through all of this.  Most days that means waiting and not trying to force things to happen.  This takes great patience however, I have learned when I try and force things they later fall apart.

Everything is changing on a daily basis and it’s hard to make decisions when all the cards are still up in the air.  So be patient.

I invite and encourage you to make the best of this time.  Find out who you truly are.  Find out who and what is important to you.  Allow yourself to be emotionally vulnerable and honest because I guarantee you that is how you will find your way through all this chaos.

I am still here if you need me.  I am still taking clients and connecting with people when I am able to. 

Please feel free to reach out.

Blessings and Love to you all,

Rev. Jenn

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