From darkness to awakened consciousness is the Way of the Heart.


Reverend Jennifer Rennette is a metaphysical minister and spiritual counsellor with a background in transpersonal psychotherapy and Zen meditation. With over 20 years of experience she understands what it means to move through the murky maze of human conditioning into awakened consciousness through the process of heart activation.

Ministry Offerings

The Way of the Heart Ministry offers a variety of services. On top of Ministry meetings and YouTube videos, I offer different modalities of spiritual counselling to help facilitate your process of awakening through the Great Heart of Existence.

Physical gatherings coming soon.

Due to the current state of affairs with the COVID virus physical gatherings have been suspended until further notice.

  • Sermons and teachings
  • Prayer Requests
  • Experiential groups and workshops
  • Meditation gatherings
  • Retreats

YouTube videos

  • Informative teachings
  • Live sermons and chats


Rev. Jennifer is also available for officiating:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Rites of passages
  • Naming ceremonies

Spiritual Counselling

Facilitating the process of individuation and awakening through the Way of the Heart. Rev. Jennifer works with individuals, couples, families and groups.


Daily Practice

What does it mean to have a daily practice and how can it help with anxiety and depression? Find out more in my latest video. …

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Pay Attention

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Art for the Times

On retreat last month during one of the talks, someone asked “how do we deal with what is going on in this world”? My teacher’s …

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Truth is and Internal Job

The world isn’t what it seems to be. There is much more going on than meets the eye. There is a lot of mis-information out …

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Spiritual Detox

Spiritual Detox As we go deeper into this lock down, our unconsciousness is going through a purge. Many people are saying they are having weird …

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Death and Rebirth

Death and Rebirth In great times of change we go through a series of deaths and rebirths. Fitting for Easter! What is dying in you …

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As a facilitator, she worked gently with all in our circle. There was no forcing of anything, just a bringing forth of what each of us needed to explore. I had a very profound experience with Jennifer and felt very safe as I was processing a big issue from my past.

Jennifer has an intuitive understanding of the difficulties that we each encounter in our lives. She has processes and her own heart sense in how to bring forth gently what one is exploring in her circle. If I lived closer to her, I’d be at her workshops every time one was held.

Jerry P.

I went to a heart circle with Jennifer in Bali a few years ago , it was my 1st ever experience of sitting in a circle such as this . It was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life ! I’ve never felt so safe, held and trusting and the whole group had an incredible experience! Jennifer was an absolutely phenomenal facilitator! I was so upset when she left bali as I was now hooked on the work that she had to offer ! It took me about 3 yrs to find something similar and now I’m a heart circle facilitate myself & hold groups in the U.K!
I’d love to sit in circle with you again one day Jennifer . You’re a rare gem! ❤️

Elizabeth S.K.

Thank you for helping us through out messy humanness, I discovered lots about myself. Your insights and kind nature are truly remarkable and I honestly found it a humbling experience. I feel lighter and a willingness to continue expanding and loving.

Stephan E.

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